Looking to Control Who gets in and who doesn't?

Access control systems add another layer of security to any building. Imagine being able to allow and restrict access to different parts of your business effectively, increasing security and protecting your business in the process. The Matrix team can design an access control system that meets the needs of any building.

Install Access Control at Your Building

The use of electronic access controls goes beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. Now, an access control system can give you information and the ability to run your business more efficiently, even when you’re not physically on location. You’ll have an accurate record of who entered your property and when, giving you valuable information about who is accessing different parts of your property.



Access Control System Benefits

With an access control system from Matrix Integrated Systems, these are just a few of the added benefits you’ll enjoy:

• Restrict access to sensitive areas

• Track, record and deter access throughout your building

• Avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves

• Provide auditing and employee time and attendance records

• Remotely grant or restrict access immediately if required

• Control access to multiple facilities through one web-based interface


Access control systems enhance existing security features of businesses throughout the area. Matrix is proud to sell, install and service access control systems from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Access Control Vancouver Intercom Installation - We install, repairs and services all forms of intercoms and enterphone systems.

Eliminate the Need for Keys

An access control system prevents the need to costly administer keys to employees. The high cost of keying and rekeying for each new or departing employee can add up quickly. Many businesses throughout the area have learned that an investment in a professional access control system can reduce costs in the long run.