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Matrix installs, repairs and services all forms of intercoms and enterphone systems. Our staff is highly trained to work with many different manufacturers. Matrix has a large knowledge base for all types of intercoms new and old. We currently work with some of the best intercom suppliers such as Viscount, Linear, Mircom, Aiphone, MCS and Door King. We also specialize in retrofitting older systems as we can utilize the older intercoms wiring to save cost.


There are 3 types of intercom systems; Autodialer, NSL and hardwired.


Autodialer intercoms are capable of calling any active telephone number and requires the building to install a dedicated telephone line for the intercom.

Autodialers are the most popular intercom systems since the maintenance costs are low and can be easily programmed by a manager or strata member.


NSL systems utilize the telephone lines in the building and all a tenant has to do is plug a regular phone into a telephone jack in their suite.


Hard wired systems are normally reserved to replace an older hard wired system like Aiphone, MCS, Nutone and many more. These systems are capable of having a camera integrated with the front intercom panel and the handsets in the suites have monitors built in.


Access Control Vancouver Intercom Installation - We install, repairs and services all forms of intercoms and enterphone systems.